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top Little Pulse, 3`30'' (Score and Parts)Little Pulse, 3`30'' (Score and Parts)
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Little Pulse, 3`30'' (Score and Parts)

2 trumpets in B-flat, 2 horns in F and euphonium

Item number: HH114

top flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)
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flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)

flute and flute and piano


Edited by Mathias Irtel von Brenndorff


Pieces for flute and piano

Stephan Adam: Elegie

Hubert Hoche: Priocon

Christian FP Kram: ParaphrAse - ParaphrasIE

Hans Kraus-Hübner: Desideroso

Frank Michael: Drei Bagatellen • Nr. 1 - Variable Metren I • Nr. 2 - Ostinati • Nr. 3 - Variable Metren II

Xaver Paul Thoma: Spiel V


Pieces for flute

Frank Michael: Drei kleine Nachtstücke • Nachtvögel • Traumgestalten • Vögel im Wald

Item number: HHMV115

top friends - Portraitconcert Hubert Hochefriends - Portraitconcert Hubert Hoche
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friends - Portraitconcert Hubert Hoche

friends - portraitconcert Hubert Hoche

Digipac with booklet (20 pages)


Live recording, 2016/11/6, University of Music, Würzburg, Germany

Total time: 60 minutes


Chambermusic from 1988 until 2016 (3 first performances) of the composer Hubert Hoche


1.     Encuentro for flute and guitar (1988), Mathias von Brenndorff - flute, Oliver Woog - guitar

2.     Ming I for altoflute (2011), UACarin Levine - alto flute

3.     Drop for stringquartet (2014), Steinquartett

4.     Hope and delight  for flute and koto (2014), Carin Levine - alto flute, Naoko Kikuchi - koto

5.     Natural Forces for flutes, clarinets, trombone, violin and percussion (2016), UAMathias von Brenndorff - flute, alto flute, Martina Beck - clarinet, bass clarinet, Wolfgang Heinrich - trombone, Diana Drechsler - violin, Marta Klimasara - percussion, Hubert Hoche - conductor

6.     X-Way for flutes and percussion (2007), Carin Levine - piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute, Marta Klimasara - percussion

7.     Saudade e Fidelidade for guitar (1989), Oliver Woog - guitar

8.     too short for for flute and violin (2010), Carin Levine - flute, Diana Drechsler - violin

        3 Wüstenszenen (3 desert scenes) for guitar (1995)Oliver Woog - guitar

9.     1. müdes Gekrabbel / tired swarming

10.   2. nach dem Sonnenuntergang / after sunset

11.   3. auf der richtigen Fährte / on the right track

12.   Little Pulse for 2 trumpets, 2 horns and euphonium (2016), UASAVOIR CUIVRE, Wolfgang Heinrich - conductor

Item number: RA0182

top CAGE op. 72, 4' (Score and Parts)CAGE op. 72, 4' (Score and Parts)
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CAGE op. 72, 4' (Score and Parts)

for 4 musicians

Item number: FM003

top Natural Forces, 7`30'' (Score and Parts)Natural Forces, 7`30'' (Score and Parts)
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Natural Forces, 7`30'' (Score and Parts)

flute/alto flute, carinet in B-flat/bassclarinet in B-flat, trombone, violin and percussion

Item number: HH115

[sound]Spiele I, 2` (Score and Parts)[sound]Spiele I, 2` (Score and Parts)
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[sound]Spiele I, 2` (Score and Parts)


Item number: HH090

Tanztoccata, 6`Tanztoccata, 6`

Tanztoccata, 6`

piccolo trumpet, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba and percussion

Item number: SA021

Filterungen, 11`Filterungen, 11`

Filterungen, 11`


fl, ob, clar, piano, 2 perc, 2 vi, va, vc, kb

Item number: CK047

Intrada und Conclusio, 11`Intrada und Conclusio, 11`

Intrada und Conclusio, 11`

organ, 2 percussion, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones and tuba

Item number: SA020

Meditationen, 22`Meditationen, 22`

Meditationen, 22`


2fl(picc), 2clar, 2hr, 3trp, 2trmb, bass trmb, tb, 4perc, org, piano

Item number: SA003

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