International Wind Band Congress - IBK


16. - 19.1.2020, Neu-Ulm, Edwin Scharff-Haus, GERMANY

The composers STEPHAN ADAM and HUBERT HOCHE will be there at the booth. 

• EXHIBITION: 16.01.-19.01.2020/2020-01-16/18/19,  Foyer, Edwin Scharff-Hauses, Neu-Ulm, Germany

Meet Hubert Hoche and Stephan Adam at our booth.



Festival UNerHÖRTes / NEW EARS-WIND BAND PROJECT: SATURDAY 2020-01-18/4.30pm

Hubert Hoche and Michael Geiger present the projects UNerHÖRTes and NEW EARS-WIND BAND PROJECT.


COMPOSERPROTRAIT SATURDAY 2020-01-18, 11.30am-12.30pm

Stephan Adam presents compositions.


GO DIFFERENT WAYS! SUNDAY 2020-01-19/10.30am-11.30am

Hubert Hoche presents compositions grade 3,5 - 6, included MYSTIKA.