Here you can find award-winning and extraordinary compositions of contemporary music. Our wide range offers compositions for solo, chamber music, orchestra,  concert band and opera. This category includes works by our composers Stephan Adam, Hubert Hoche and Christian Kram.


The category of First Publications of Early Music comprises compositions by Giovanni B. Platti, Johann J. Schnell and Friedrich W. A. Volland. The category New Publications offers works by Old Masters for choir. The practical edition includes a piano part for rehearsal only.


In this category you can find works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Peter Cornelius, Antonin Dvorak, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Franz Schubert and many more Old Masters for solo, chamber music, concert band, orchestra, orchestra and soloists, choir and opera. The faithfulness to the original is very important to our authors.


Educational compositions are here. You can find collections for a wide variety of solo instruments such as piano, guitar and violin. The works for the collections were composed by our authors Stephan Adam, Udo Diegelmann, Peter Hoch, Hubert Hoche, Christian FP Kram, Hans Kraus-Hübner, Willy Merz, Frank Michael and Xaver Paul Thoma.

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top flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)
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flutastic - compositions für flute and flute and piano (easy to moderate)

flute and flute and piano


Edited by Mathias Irtel von Brenndorff


Pieces for flute and piano

Stephan Adam: Elegie

Hubert Hoche: Priocon

Christian FP Kram: ParaphrAse - ParaphrasIE

Hans Kraus-Hübner: Desideroso

Frank Michael: Drei Bagatellen • Nr. 1 - Variable Metren I • Nr. 2 - Ostinati • Nr. 3 - Variable Metren II

Xaver Paul Thoma: Spiel V


Pieces for flute

Frank Michael: Drei kleine Nachtstücke • Nachtvögel • Traumgestalten • Vögel im Wald

top Psalm 43 - Richte mich, Gott, 4'Psalm 43 - Richte mich, Gott, 4'
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Psalm 43 - Richte mich, Gott, 4'


editor: Hubert Hoche


top Im Walde, Opus 41/1, 3`Im Walde, Opus 41/1, 3`
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Im Walde, Opus 41/1, 3`


editor: Hubert Hoche


top Abglanz der Rose, 5` (Score and Part)Abglanz der Rose, 5` (Score and Part)
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Abglanz der Rose, 5` (Score and Part)

soprano and organ

from " ... und wir sind Fremdlinge" from Friedrich Rückert

Vier fränkische VolksliederVier fränkische Volkslieder
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Vier fränkische Volkslieder


1. Am Rhein und am Main

2. Lustig, ihr Brüder, laßt Grillen..

3. In einem Dörflein so klein - "Hammerschmied"

4. Die Erde braucht Regen

Item number: HH007

Geboren bist du, 2`20``Geboren bist du, 2`20``
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Geboren bist du, 2`20``


Item number: HH008

from Marienlieder op 22: 3. Marias Wallfahrtfrom Marienlieder op 22: 3. Marias Wallfahrt
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from Marienlieder op 22: 3. Marias Wallfahrt


editor: Hubert Hoche

Item number: TR_HH005

Glory to the Lord, 4`Glory to the Lord, 4`
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Glory to the Lord, 4`


Item number: HH094

et vidi caelum novum, 6`et vidi caelum novum, 6`
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et vidi caelum novum, 6`

MIXED CHOIR (4-7 Parts)

movement 3 from "Drei eschatologische Gesänge"

Item number: SA070

I will sing!, 3`I will sing!, 3`
incl. 7% Tax plus shipping costs

I will sing!, 3`

mixed choir (SATB)

Item number: HH071

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